Why my emails arrive to SPAM folder?

Update on June 14, 2021

Hello, in today's article I'll tell you why the emails arrive as SPAM and how to solve it.

The email service is similar to postal mail, except that it's electronic and immediate and sends any type of file, be it text, short videos, images and it's uses can range from storing information related to services or platforms including files and images not it's advisable to save information since e-mail boxes usually have a storage limit.

With the email you can also register on platforms to create a user profile and log in and receive news and announcements, you can even recover passwords since the platform sends an email to the email account with a link where the password is reset.

Today corporations practice email marketing and this consists of sending mass advertising by email. Unfortunately this practice has led to the implementation of filters on the servers to prevent users from receiving SPAM.

Today Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, among others, which are the largest email providers, invest in improving their filters, and they evaluate the emails sent through characteristics and if they don't pass the evaluation, they're classified as SPAM, the possible causes are the following:

  • Flashy topics: The use of flashy subjects such as “Look at the prices we've”, “We've offers”, “2x1 Promotion”, or “Free travel is classified as SPAM.
  • Use words in the structure of the SPAM content: The filters analyze the words in the body of the emails and if they find words such as "Congratulations", "You've won" "You've been selected", "Urgent" "Click on this link" even obscene and sexual words.
  • Many images with little text: This alerts SPAM filters since the filters cannot read the text of the images.
  • Send emails to email addresses that do not exist.


In order to solve this and that our emails don't reach the SPAM folder of our recipients we've to improve the reputation of our email address avoid misleading words, ask your recipients to mark your emails as "Not SPAM", avoid URL shorteners and avoid abusing images; use an outgoing mail filter to ensure that all outgoing email reaches the recipients safely.