Web Applications

Update on November 18, 2020

On the internet we have seen all kinds of pages, and today we will see web applications, these applications do not need to be installed on a computer, we can access it from anywhere (of course, as long as we have an internet connection), from any device.

The web applications are linked to the data storage in the cloud, since the required information is found on web servers, which in addition to hosting the information, they send it to our devices when requested.

In the previous article we talked about dynamic web pages and web applications fall into this category

  • Applications for internal management: billing, stock, clients, users, partners, accounting, personnel management, etc.
  • Work tools: intranets, document management, networking and services shared by multiple users.
  • Digital communication tools such as: email services, digital newsletters, personalized communications, etc.
  • Other types of services: property management, owner associations, tourism, maps, training, schools, shops, electronic medical records, among others.

The advantages of these applications are that:

  • It does not need any type of installation.
  • They are multi-platform and multi-device.
  • Does not use our computer resources.
  • It is available to everyone since it is online.

Some applications are exclusively used by some companies and are designed according to their requirements and others are available to the general public.