VPS - Virtual Private Server

Update on November 20, 2020

Web servers are powerful computers that are responsible for transmitting the information requested by their clients (other computers, mobile devices, among others). We have seen or heard the word VPS somewhere either on the internet, at work, or did someone mention it; the point is that we have wondered about the meaning of these acronyms and then we will know.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a server that is located inside a physical server, but in a virtual way, the VPS resources are specific and depend on the user's needs, so the resources vary a lot.

A VPS works in a similar way to a dedicated server, it has a dedicated IP and an operating system, they are fully administrable allowing you to configure and install any type of software. In matters of hosting, VPS Hosting is widely used when site traffic or sites exceed the resources of your plan, so the most feasible is to opt for a VPS since it is cheaper than a dedicated server.

VPS hosting offers various advantages compared to other types of hosting. At NuvaHost we offer you several Cloud VPS plans for different needs.