Gutenberg - WordPress

Update on November 09, 2020

In today's article we will talk about the new WordPress editor, previously there was the classic editor, but with the new version of WordPress they have surprised us with the Gutenberg editor. It is a text editor designed to facilitate the design without having to use HTML short codes since in the classic editor it is done, with the new editor you can create designs quickly and easily by developing eye-catching content.

The most attractive thing about this editor is that the content is added in blocks, if you are going to add something you just drag it and that's it, integration of functions such as adding tables or buttons, normally this process can be quite frustrating, unless you have knowledge in web development, but with Gutenberg, all these problems come to an end.

Many users are used to the classic editor and this is why they prefer it, but most users are attracted by the renovation in design. Gutenberg is easy to run and totally eliminates the need to use third party plugins for tasks like adding a table or a contact form, it's more fun to work with blocks. If you are a developer, this tool provides the ability to use add-ons to create custom blocks.

In this situation Gutenberg is the default WordPress editor and we will be aware of the improvements, if you want to try this editor remember to update the WordPress version to the most current one.