Essential tools for the Home Office

Update on April 09, 2021

Today we have changed our lifestyles and work styles due to the global pandemic, due to this many companies embraced the “Home Office” work style in which consists of working from home avoiding being in the office, or allowing that face-to-face work is done when it is important.

This style of work has many advantages but we will see them in another article, so today we will see the tools you have to have to improve the work activities of your company or yours, so let's get started.

Last pass

This is a very useful and essential extension for browsers and consists of a password manager with a free version in which you can store access credentials (passwords) and they are encrypted in the cloud and also allows you to share the credentials with other people without showing them to These same. This extension is widely used in work teams that need to share access.


It is a messaging application that allows people to work more effectively and as a team, it has a free version that allows:

  • Search and browse the 10,000 most recent messages.
  • 5GB of storage.
  • 10 integrated services.
  • Unlimited members.


This application is an alternative to email, you can create channels for members for example a marketing channel, a billing channel, and many more, managing to centralize communications and that members can access files quickly.

Google Meet

I think you already know this, one of the best video conferencing services, it has a simple interface, meetings of up to 250 participants, it allows you to record the screen for those members who could not attend as well as screen-sharing and this is one of the best tools when you need to show something to all other participants.


This is a free tool to take screenshots and that allows us to add boxes, arrows, and symbols so that you can show indications like the image below.

We Transfer

A tool to send large files that cannot be sent by email, only the files, and the destination email are attached, and the recipient will receive a link to their email where they will be redirected and download the file (s) from the page.


Prezi is an application to create dynamic and original presentations, it works as an open canvas in which you can organize and distribute different elements or animations that will later be displayed.

This tool stands out for its attractive visual effects, zooms, movements and colors. Also for its ease and speed of use makes it a very intuitive and practical application. Unlike PowerPoint, it avoids having to jump from one slide to another to get to a specific section of the presentation.