Error 404 - Has it happened to you?

Update on December 31, 2020

When we surf the internet we have entered a page or we click on a link and it simply shows us the following

This is the famous 404 error and it is an HTTP status code sent from the web server to the browser, that is, to the user who made the HTTP request. This is how the browser displays the code as an error page that has undoubtedly made us go through bad experiences, but what is the cause of this error?

Well, normally this error deals with a link that is broken, defective or that no longer exists and that, therefore, it is not possible to navigate through it; when this appears for unknown reasons on our website it is extremely important to repair it as this affects the SEO of the site, these pages are important since they serve to inform users that the content of the web has been deleted or transferred to another URL but appears, but there are also other factors that cause it, such as:

  • The domain name no longer exists.
  • The link was not placed correctly when updating or redesigning.
  • The user entered the site address incorrectly.
  • The server where the site is hosted is down.

When this error appears, I recommend that:

  • Clear cache and reload the page, since it could not load correctly.
  • Check if you typed the link correctly in the browser bar.
  • Use another browser.
  • If you are visiting a website and the error is in a link, you can contact the site and report that a page is not available, and if it is your site, you can ask the developer of your website to review the page with the error.