Common Plugin Issues - WordPress

Update on April 12, 2021

Today there are thousands of WordPress plugins that add new functionalities to websites, some are free and others are paid but in this article, you will learn about some problems related to plugins.

Compatibility issues

There are several problems here, but the main ones are because the plugin needs an update, that the plugin needs a previous version of WordPress to work, or that the plugin visually affects the elements of the site in this case I recommend you update the plugin or search one that replaces it since what happens sometimes is that the plugin only works with an old version of WordPress.


Slow websites

Some WordPress themes are heavy but to this add the installation of several plugins with all this you increase the weight of the website and as a consequence, the loading times will be longer, which translates as a slow website, now my recommendation is to look for a theme that has the functionalities that are needed and use only the necessary plugins but you also have to take into account their requirements.


White screen

This is a common error in WordPress sites since users realize that their site has gone blank and this happens when a plugin conflicts with the theme or with some other plugin, I recommend deactivating all plugins and go activating one by one and at the same time reload the site to be able to find the problem boy, once we have the plugin the possible solutions are the following:

  • Update the plugin.
  • Replace the plugin.
  • Contact the plugin developer.


Security holes

In this part, you have to be careful when choosing since a plugin is nothing more than code and the functions of these range from processing form data to bank card numbers and personal information, so it's important to use the already known plugins. that by opting for others that are unknown, it could be a plugin that is vulnerable to code injections; This isn't to say that it is bad to opt for plugins from unknown developers.