Cloud Hosting - Hosting Service

Update on November 11, 2020

The demand for IT services is growing, many companies or businesses are growing and encompassing new market areas and the biggest is online sales, so they decide to carry out their internet businesses and for that they need to acquire web hosting services, If you don't know what this service is about, I invite you to read the article "What is Web Hosting?".

Cloud Hosting is a hosting service, but what differentiates it is that it uses a group of servers instead of using a single server, the website can access a group and use its resources. This means that even if one server fails, another is activated so that everything continues to work, its main advantage is high availability.

We have to be clear that if your site had a problem it will not be available, and it is not the fault of the server, since it will keep your site online and if your site has problems it will not be online. 

Today many companies with websites that have high visitor traffic purchase these services, in my experience I recommend that if you have sites like online stores, corporate pages, and above all web applications, these are the ones that must have a high level of availability, that is why at NuvaHost all our plans have Cloud Hosting to guarantee that your sites and pages are always available.